Cimino Productions

Cimino Productions founder Nino Cimino was born in the Chicago area to Italian immigrants (his mother from Rome, his father from Sicily) Nino Cimino grew up working at his parent's family pizzeria. In July of 2001, at the age of 21, Nino moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. He studied intensely for two years both acting and filmmaking at the Piero Dusa Acting Conservatory in Santa Monica, CA, (now known as The Promenade Playhouse).

Upon completing the two-year program in 2005, Nino started up Cimino Productions. The premise for starting Cimino Productions, was to give Nino a canvas to develop, write, and produce material to act in, giving him more creative control over his own work. Since then, Nino and Cimino Productions have done just that, working on everything from short films to full-length feature films.

Most notable was the feature film "This Is Who I Am" (now renamed "American Mobster: Miami Shakedown"). The film was made on time, and on budget.

Cimino Productions sold and secured distribution of the film to Cinema Epoch, (a Los Angeles based distribution company). "American Mobster:Miami Shakedown" was released on Blu-Ray, DVD, Netflix, and cable video on demand in March of 2012. It is available for purchase at Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, Blockbuster Video, and Barnes & Noble all over the United States and Canada.

More recently, Cimino Productions released the 20-minute live action short film titled “Addict”, a gritty film raising awareness for drug addiction. “Addict”, (having also received a limited theatrical release), has been submitted for Best Live Action Short Film contention at various film festivals, including The Sundance Film Festival, and The Academy Awards.

Helping Nino oversee Cimino Productions, is Nino’s long time producing partner Giorgio Bellossi. Both Nino and Giorgio always welcome the opportunity for Cimino Productions to share in collaborations with other cutting edge writers, directors, and producers.

Keeping that same committed intensity towards the work that he first developed at the conservatory, Nino Cimino always strives to produce films at Cimino Productions that will be entertaining, while challenging his creative side as an actor. With the company’s first feature film having secured distribution, and their most recent film having received a limited theatrical release, Cimino Productions hope to continue it’s early positive track record with all future film projects.